Online Classes for Schools and Companies

Innovative Knowledge operates online schools worldwide. English is taught by real American teachers based on the AEL curriculum.


Contact us if you want to open English classes in your school or corporate organization. We will assist you in setting up the class.

“American teachers will teach the classes over the internet using the AEL curriculum”

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Academy Teachers - Online Classes

The online class is typically 30 minutes to one hour. It is scheduled weekly or bi-monthly, and each student's English level will be evaluated by the teacher. The evaluation report will be available on the cloud server for the manager or teacher to see.

English listening and speaking skills will be evaluated.


Teachers assist students to make progress in the AEL program.


Homework is assigned from the AEL software and teachers can monitor how students are doing.

High Standard for Selecting Teachers

American teacher in the United States


We don’t hire teachers from non-native English speaking countries.


Most teachers have at least a baccalaureate degree or equivalent certificate in education.


Teachers follow our AEL curriculum

Each student studies with a tablet or a smart phone.


Each student must come to the class on time.


You need someone who can connect with the teacher initially on a computer.

You need a room with tablets or laptops, high-speed Internet connection, and a large monitor.

What you need for Online Classes

Teachers and Students interact with Live Sessions

Where is the teacher located?

Online teachers teach remotely from the United States.

Combine Broca’s English Learning Practice with Online Class

Enhancing Listening Skills

Our online tutoring and online class is not just general conversation practice that other companies offer. The online class sticks to the AEL curriculum to make sure you improve your listening skills using Broca’s method.

Speech Training

Broca’s English Learning System records what you say and plays it back for you to practice. The online class however provides face-to-face conversation practice with a live American teacher.

Respond Accurately to the Question You Hear

The TOEIC level has many listening tests for you to practice with. Once you train your ears to understand what is being said, you will be able to score high on TOEIC.

Common Expressions in English Conversation

AEL dialogue teach common English expressions in your native language. By practicing these common expressions, you can gain faster understanding in English conversation. Supplementing the AEL program with an online class can allow you to gain even more understanding of these common conversational expressions.

Listening at a natural speed

The beginner’s level dialogue speed is slightly slower than normal conversation, but the other levels speak at a natural speed. Most other English programs use a slow speed, but practicing at a natural speed is important to grow the Broca’s area. You can even adjust the speed to a faster pace.

5 Toeic sample tests

AEL Program comes with five sets of TOEIC sample tests. You can take the practice test before the real test. You will see a significant improvement when you take the practice test after using Broca's English learning system.

Supplemental Classes for Schools

Broca’s English Learning System is the perfect way to supplement English classes in school. The online class can provide valuable English conversation practice to students.

English Conversations for Business Professionals

The most important part of business English is conversation skills. Conversation cannot be made without having listening skills. AEL provides a business English crash course for busy individuals. The learning is software based, so it does not interfere with your busy schedule. You can also sign up for an online class taught by an American teacher.

Early English Conversations for small children

The online class is effective for early English education. Our American teachers are experienced and credentialed.

English Writing Training from Beginner to Professionals

We offer English writing training for students and business professionals who want to improve their writing skills. An American teacher will help you using the communication tool built into the software.

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