With the AEL program, you will speak English

AEL teaches you English through hearing. Just as children learn to speak through hearing, AEL teaches you to speak English using this proven method.

“The proven method using Broca’s English learning system will help you speak English.”

Why is the AEL system effective?

AEL helps you speak English first.


When you are able to speak English, your writing will improve.


When you can speak English, English learning will be fun.


If you start the AEL program as a child, it may be possible for you to speak English like a native speaker.

American English Live Entire Lesson Chart

We will evaluate your English level before you start your English training class.

We evaluate your English Level


Start with the recommended Level. If it is too hard, you can change the level later.


You can start Business English without taking an evaluation test.

After completing the advanced Level, you should be able to get a high score on the TOEIC.


To study abroad, you need the TOEFL and SAT.


AEL has 5 sets of TOEIC, TOEFL, and SAT tests. You can take them at any time.

The Most Effective Way to Learn English - Broca’s Learning Method

“Listening is the key to learning English. You need to be able to listen first before anything else.”

Recent brain research revealed that the Broca's area plays a crucial role in understanding audible language.

You cannot speak English without developing the Broca's area

Stroke patients with brain damage in the left side of their brain, where the Broca's area is located, lose the ability to speak and understand spoken language. However, the patient still has written language skills, since a different part of the brain handles reading comprehension. The recent study found that brain has two localized areas for listening and reading.

Pierre Paul Broca was a French physician, anatomist and anthropologist. He is best known for his research on Broca's area, a region of the frontal lobe that has been named after him. Broca's Area is involved with language. His work revealed that the first anatomical proof of the localization of brain functions for language. Broca's work also contributed to the development of physical anthropology, advancing the science of anthropometry and the new language learning method.

Speaking English Improves English Writing

(The relationship between English conversation and English writing skills)

AEL's English Conversation Program, Broca's English Learning System

AEL's English Writing Program

English Listening practice every day


Speaking practice with “repeat after me”


Understand instantly what is being said


Question and Answer is a good way to develop the Broca’s area


Listen to English conversation at a faster speed

2,000 basic vocabulary


2,000 basic spelling skills


Complete grammar review – Grammar used in American schools


Composition of English that sounds natural


English compositions are check by American teachers

Get a perfect score in TOEIC

Most points are lost in the listening section of TOEIC®*. If you are aiming at a 100% score, start the AEL program from the beginner level, and move on.


*TOEIC® is a registered trademark of Educational Testing Service (ETS). This product is not endorsed or approved by ETS

AEL program helps you increase your TOEIC®* score. With 30 minute lessons every day, your listening ability will increase significantly. This becomes your permanent skill, and will help you score high in TOEIC®*.

“TOEIC helps you get a better job! Employers look for employees with a high TOEIC score. After completing AEL’s advanced level, you should be able to get a high score.”

With AEL Learning System, getting into an American college becomes easier and faster. You will be ready to attend college without going through an ESL program. Do not use other ineffective English learning programs- use AEL’s Broca’s English Learning System.

AEL helps students to get into top universities in America

"Fast track to American Universities. Contact us if you are planning to study in American college"

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