Learn English Through Listening

The AEL method is different from how most students learn English. AEL does not make you memorize grammar rules. Instead, AEL trains your listening skills. You will learn English through your ears, not eyes. With this method, the Broca’s area of your brain grows every day.

“The Best Curriculum- Learn English through listening, not reading”

AEL is a Complete System from Elementary School English to English for Business Professionals

AEL provides all levels:

Each level takes about 3 months to complete if you practice every day

Our System is Great for Self-Learning

“Practice Listening and Speaking 15 minutes a day using your tablet or smartphone”

You can start it now with a tablet or smartphone.

With the AEL program 15 minutes of listening training is the most effective way to master English. You will not be looking at the screen, but relying only on your ears. This is how we train English learning.

Each level has 12 lessons


Each lesson has 7 sessions (one session per day)


30 minutes Practice per day (session)


Online teacher is available if you need it. (It will be a different fee for the real teachers)

AEL Curriculum

AEL has two parts:


1) English conversation training using Broca’s method, and 2) English writing program with an American teacher’s guidance.

AEL Curriculum

Level 1 English Practice

Alphabet Practice

Your First English (Let’s Speak English)

Let’s Listen to English Sound

Understanding English




Level 2 English Practice

Hi, my name is...

What is this?

Please do something

I like it



Day and Night

Level 3 English Practice

How are you?

This is my sister

She is a doctor

What are you doing?

I want a banana

I am in my bed



Level 4 English Practice

What time is it?

Where is my pen?

I am eating pizza

Can you sing?

I have a sister

Let’s play ping pong

What color is it?

Who is she?

How old are you?

May I go to the bathroom?

I get up at 7 O’clock

There is a book

Months of the Year

Level 5 English Practice

Past Tense

Past Tense with irregular Verbs

Who is he?

Whose book is it?

When do you go?

Which do you like?

Where will you go?

What will you do tomorrow?

Why do you go to school?

How do you eat this fruit?


Comparison (strongest of all)

I am going to do that

English Writing Training

Grammar Review in English

Nouns and Pronouns

Proper nouns

Common nouns

Plural nouns


Structure of sentence


Types of verbs Present Tense, Past Tense, Future Tense

Irregular Conjugation

Modal Verbs


Adjective Comparison










Common Mistakes in

English Writing

High School and Above (General English Conversation)

American English Live Program – Beginner Level (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing)

Basic English Sentences and Expressions

American English Live Program – Intermediate Level (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing)

Complicated expressions

American English Live Program – Advanced Level (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing)

Multiple and complex sentences

American English Live Program – Expert Level (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing)

Paragraph level speech, Bilingual Level English conversation


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