What is American English Live?

Innovative Knowledge, Inc., developers of the AEL system is an international company based in the Silicon Valley with multiple international branches. The company has been developing educational software in the Silicon Valley for almost 20 years.

The AEL English learning method has been developed based on recent neurological studies of how humans acquire new languages. The AEL method is based on the latest scientific findings.

Our Revolutionary English Learning Method

The most important step in learning a language is listening ability. Just as babies start with listening, listening is the key to mastering a new language. Speaking ability comes next.

Speaking also helps with writing skills. You must be able to speak before you can write. This method has been proven to be effective in learning a new language. Learning grammar will not help with writing if you cannot speak English.

AEL Uses Broca’s English Learning Method

Learn English through listening, not reading. English text is not shown on screen during the lesson.


Practice every day using your mobile device or laptop to grow the Broca’s area.


If you need help, real American teachers are available. Please contact us.

AEL uses content verified by the standard dictionary used in America, the Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary

American schools use the Merriam Webster’s Dictionary for their classrooms.


AEL users have access to the online Merriam Webster’s Dictionary.

“AEL uses the Merriam Webster’s Dictionary to verify its content. There are many variations of English, such as British English and English spoken in India and the Philippines. The English taught in AEL is American standard English.”

Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot find the answers to your questions here, please contact the local support team listed under ”Contact us”.

Is this an online school?

AEL is a self-study online program using software. However, you can have a real teacher teach your class through video conferencing software. Look under the "Online Class" tab for more information.

How many levels are there, and how are classes run?

Levels range from elementary school to college, and includes English for Business and TOEFL and SAT preparation. You will take an evaluation test to be placed at the right level. It is important to start at the right level because English will not be displayed on screen. You will rely on your ears.

I am a businessman looking for Business English. Is there a separate class for me?

AEL has a crash course for business professionals such as hotel employees, restaurant workers, retail workers, transportation workers, and offers lessons for general business meetings and phone conversations. You can start the Business English lessons without taking the evaluation test.

How much is tuition?

Broca’s English Learning costs $30 per month for individuals as a self-study program. Online classes taught by teachers start at a different rate. Please contact us for more information.

Does this system really improve my English speaking?

Yes. Broca’s learning method has been developed in the Silicon Valley based on recent neurological studies of the human brain.  Most English learning methods have a critical mistake- they show the English text during hearing lessons. As a result, the student feels like they understand what is being said, but they are really understanding though what they read, not what they hear. Broca’s learning system has corrected this problem so you can learn to speak confidently.

Can I join after the class has already started? What if I didn’t start on the first day of class?

You learn using tablet or smart phone everyday, so you control your won schedule. In Online class, you skip the class, then you need to review AEL system by yourself and catch up to the class.

I am interested. Can I speak to someone over the phone?

Yes, contact information is listed in the “Contact us” section.

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